MULTI is a multi purpose wall-mounted chair or table, depending on which height you mount it. Pull out the seat / tabletop and you will get access to the hidden storage space underneath. Here you can hide your Ipad, power supplies, pens and papers, shoe polish etc. – MULTI helps you keep your things in order.

MULTI has the same width as SHELFIE and mix perfectly together with SHELFIE LAMP to provide a small working space. Use it in all the rooms in your home, for instance as a bedside table, a chair in the hallway, a table in the kitchen, living room or the kids room etc.

Make MULTI even more comfortable by adding the beautiful leather cushion. This blends perfectly with the solid birch plywood and powder coated steel.

MULTI is safe to use by children and they will not get their fingers stuck in the sliding mechanism for the seat / tabletop or between the wall and MULTI.

MULTIs dimensions are W 500 mm x D 400/500 mm x H 180 mm. Weight: 8 kg.

Produced in Denmark and available in white, grey and black.

Please call +45 31 18 81 34 for more info or mail