SHELFIE LAMP is a completely new way of thinking light. This lamp combines elegant materials with super functionality. The design and combination of soft natural leather, hard powder coated steel or anodized aluminium and brass gives it a look pointing back in time and out in the future at the same time. Making it easy to suit your home through times of changing trends.

Without touching SHELFIE – only by waving your hand on the side of it – you turn the light on and off.

You can adjust the brightness in the same way to use the light for precise cooking, reading or creating a cosy atmosphere – what ever mood you are in. You only have to wave to the on/off sensor to get a friendly bright welcome home.

SHELFI LAMPs dimensions are L 500 mm x D 150 mm x H 230 mm. Weight: 1.8 kg.

Touch-free dimmer and on/off.

LED light – 2700 kelvin (warm white), 580 lumen, 100-240V/24V-15W, 3 m power cable.

Built-in transformer.

Produced in Denmark and available in white, grey, black, orange, green, terracotta and black / black leather.

Please call +45 31 18 81 34 for more info or mail